Re-learning lessons already learned is not always a pleasant experience, but it is oftentimes necessary. In our Year 15, we walked through a very difficult endeavor, only to re-emerge even more dedicated to our original objective–to provide family-based care! Read more about this bumpy, yet triumph year here.

We hope that you will join us over the next 30 weeks as we share the journey of the Family Care Network, highlighting our partners and collaborators who made the last 30 years of care possible.

FCNI at a Glance

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State of the State

  • 95,000

    In the state of California, over 95,000 children are in foster care, the vast majority of whom have been removed from their parents and homes due to abuse or neglect.

  • Foster Parents Spend More Than They Receive

    A foster parent in LA County receives an average of $5640/year or $15/day to provide for a foster child. It costs $7272/year or $20/day to raise a child in the urban West.

  • Guidelines for Improving Policy & Practices

    In 2001, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) and the Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) formed a foster care mental health values subcommittee to establish guidelines on improving policy and practices in the various systems that serve foster care children.