What does “Voice, choice and preference” mean you you? For our families, it means that they are the most valued members of their own support teams, encouraged to self-advocate and treated with the utmost respect and compassion. These principles are the backbone of our Wraparound program, which was born in our Year Nine. To learn why the development of Wraparound was such a crucial step for our families and for our agency, please read more here:

We hope that you will join us over the next 30 weeks as we share the journey of the Family Care Network, highlighting our partners and collaborators who made the last 30 years of care possible.

FCNI at a Glance

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State of the State

  • 483,000

    Number of children in foster care in the US: 483,000

  • Homelessness and Foster Care

    As many as three in ten homeless adults were formerly children in foster care

  • California Learning

    The state was learning that Foster parents so a lot outside of basic care giving: they nurture and support healthy development, provide guidance and discipline, advocate on behalf of their kids with schools and other institutions, mentor birth parents and support the relationship between their children and their birth parents, and also recruit, train and mentor new foster parents!