Our Year 21 took the words of Bob Dylan, “That which is not busy being born is busy dying” to great heart, with a strong focus on Managed Growth. Read the full narrative to learn how Jim interjected change to produce chaos in order to prevent FCNI’s organizational stagnancy!

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We hope that you will join us over the next 30 weeks as we share the journey of the Family Care Network, highlighting our partners and collaborators who made the last 30 years of care possible.

FCNI at a Glance

  • Employees


  • Number of Programs


  • Children, Youth and Families Served


  • Success Rate


State of the State

  • 74,061

    By the end of 2007, there were 74,061 children in California’s foster care system

  • 20,832

    The state had 20,832 children waiting to be adopted