The Great Recession was a reality that hit us hard. And staying positive is never as challenging as when you’re facing major financial hurdles. But in our Year 23, we did what FCNI does best–we put those in our care in the forefront, and pulled together to find immediate solutions so budget cuts wouldn’t change our services! Read more here.

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We hope that you will join us over the next 30 weeks as we share the journey of the Family Care Network, highlighting our partners and collaborators who made the last 30 years of care possible.

FCNI at a Glance

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State of the State

  • Children in Foster Care

    In 2009, when children under age 18 were leaving foster care, most--65%--returned to their parents; 22% were adopted and 9% left to live permanently with a legal guardian.

  • 45%

    The percentage of children under age 18 in foster care dropped by 45% from the year 2000 to 2010.