Welcome to our 30th Anniversary Celebration! This site will chronologically highlight the journey of the Family Care Network, highlighting our partners and collaborators who made the last 30 years of care possible. We’re thankful for the past 30 years made possible by you and hope you will join us for the next 30 year.

30 – 2016/2017–Year 30

Thirty Years, what an amazing, blessed journey it has been–watching the Family Care Network emerge from a dream to become a significant, important player in the lives of so many children, youth and families. Ours is a story of incredible people, risk taking, passion, heart, tenacity, innovation, partnership, creativity, planning and, above all, serving! It […]

Opportunities – 2015/2016–Year 29

If you have been following our 30 year stories, you know that we have tried to keep our focus on discovering how we might improve what we are doing to achieve a far greater positive impact with clients; creating new pathways and opportunities for the community to be involved to the betterment of everyone here […]

Obstacles & Tenacity – 2014/2015–Year 28

If I were to identify two words to describe 2014/2015, they would be “nimbleness” and “flexibility.” One of the givens when you’re working in a business environment of constant change, flux, unknowns and surprises, is the need to rapidly respond and adapt quickly! Our Year 28 was another year where we were exercising our nimbleness […]

A System in Change – 2013-2014–Year 27

CHANGE is a byline of the Family Care Network’s story. One of our most substantial changes occurred in the fall of 2013–we moved into our beautiful, brand-new Administrative Headquarters. Orchestrating this move literally took nine months, or better, of very careful, painstaking planning. Fortunately, we were assisted in this process by an organizational pro, Serena […]

Twenty-Five Years – 2012-2013 – Year 26

On August 21, 2012, the Family Care Network turned 25! It was certainly an amazing milestone to achieve–an incredible adventure to look back upon. Our organization had grown from a two-person, treatment foster care provider to a multidimensional, child, youth and family Community-Based Services organization. We were operating 17 distinct programs, had nearly 175 employees, […]

“Imagineering” – 2011/2012–Year 25

If you’ve been following our 30 year stories, you have probably gotten the notion that I’m kind of a dreamer/visionary type and a risk taker. I attribute these qualities to several things. First, I am pretty much wired this way and always have been. Second, I grew up with a lot of Disney influence, with […]

Reaching New Heights – 2010/2011–Year 24

The Family Care Network has been built upon seven foundational principles: 1) stay Mission Focused, 2) always do what is Best for clients and the organization, 3) maintain the highest level of Integrity, 4) promote Accountability, 5) always work Collaboratively, 6) maintain excellent Customer Service, and 7) promote Creativity, Innovation and Imagination. These principles have […]

Economics & Creativity – 2009-2010–Year 23

Organizational leadership and management training don’t usually include the following, but they should: “Challenge and adversity are meant to help you know who you are. Storms hit your weakness, but unlock your true strength.” (Roy T. Bennett). Nothing better reveals the character and strength of an organization than how it navigates unexpected storms. Not that […]

Reputation – 2008/2009–Year 22

Under the umbrella of the California Alliance of Child & Family Services, the Family Care Network was becoming much more visible. Jon Nibbio, our COO, and I were invited early on to work with the plaintiffs attorneys in the Katie A Litigation because of our successful Wraparound and Therapeutic Foster Care programs. Since the early […]

Managing Growth – 2007/2008–Year 21

From fiscal year 2005/2006 to the end of fiscal year 2006/2007, the Family Care Network was serving 51% more children, youth and families. And our year 21 would produce another 17% in growth. On one hand, it was wonderful that we were able to serve more children, youth and families within our community, but on […]